Global Builders Philippines – General Information

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Most international flights fly into Manila. Two main airlines have regular flights from Manila to Dumaguete in the morning and afternoon. The schedule is as follows:



Cebu Pacific

ETD:7:05 am—ETA: 8:20am

ETD:14.40—- ETA: 15.55

PAL (Philippine Airlines)

ETD:7:00 am—ETA: 8.15am

ETD:13.40—- ETA: 15.00



Cebu Pacific

ETD:8:50 am–ETA:10:50am

ETD:16.25—- ETA: 17.40

PAL (Philippine Airlines)

ETD:8:45 am–ETA:10:00am

ETD:15.30—- ETA: 16.45



Dumaguete City Fuller Center staff members greet volunteers at the airport with a welcome banner. A staff member will also function as a translator and guide for volunteers at all times thereafter.


Teams typically work from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m., and 1 p.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Saturday. Sundays are vacation days, but the staff can typically accommodate volunteers if they prefer to have a day off other than Sunday.

Popular recreation activities include going to the nearby beaches, visiting Lakes Balanan and Balinsayayaw or the Casaroro and Pulangbato Falls.

There are four churches in the city volunteers can attend on Sundays.


Volunteers may stay at nearby hotels ranging in price from approximately $23 to $46 per night. Some volunteers choose to stay at the site with a host family, which provides an opportunity for bonding with home partners.>

Meals and bottled mineral water will be provided and are included in the trip’s total cost. 


Teams will be building with families who usually consist of two or three children and working parents who cannot afford to build houses without assistance.

An onsite engineer will assign volunteers tasks such as digging, piling blocks, mixing cement and other general construction work.

The houses are made with durable material and are strong enough to withstand earthquakes of low intensity. The Dumaguete Fuller Center board has engineers and architects that oversee all construction.


There are no special packing recommendations. Volunteers do not need to bring bed linens, towels or blankets, as either the hotel or the host family will provide these items. Host families will also provide mosquito nets for volunteers sleeping on the site. However, volunteers choosing to sleep on site may also wish to bring insect repellant.

Laundry services are available at hotels or Laundromats (laundry shops) for approximately 50 cents to $1.15 per load. Alternatively, host mothers hand wash clothes, charging per piece.  

Volunteers may bring supplies, medicine or toys as donations, but are encouraged to bring all items to the office for the staff to distribute to families.

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