Pfizer volunteer match opportunity

Dear Non-Profit Partner,
Pfizer Inc colleagues and The Pfizer Foundation have long partnered with non-profit organizations to strengthen communities across the United States and Puerto Rico.  PfizerColleagues have a proud tradition of donating their time, talent, and treasure in support of non-profit organizations, often at times when organizations need it most.  In an effort to continue that tradition we would like your assistance in improving how we promote volunteer opportunities within our company.

In recognition of the volunteer work that Pfizer colleagues are engaged in globally, Pfizer has launched a global volunteer initiative to inspire colleagues around the globe to get involved.  As part of the initiative, Pfizer has developed a VOL.UNTEERZ Network that will allow colleagues in Australia, Canada, India, Ireland, the Philippines, Puerto Rico, Russia and the United States to submit projects, sign-up for projects, recruit volunteers to projects of interest and to track their personal volunteer efforts all in one place.
We are pleased to announce that we have now added an Agency Portal to allow you, our non-profit partners, to submit volunteer projects directly to the Pfizer VOL.UNTEERZ Network. Simply log in at and click “Submit a New Project.” Once a project has been submitted, it will be reviewed by a member of the Pfizer VOL.UNTEERZ team for inclusion into the Network and be made available for colleagues registration.

We hope to build the momentum about all the wonderful volunteer opportunities submitted by our partners; however, we are unable to gaurantee 100%  participation. We welcome your projects and we’re excited to work with you to help build stronger communities through volunteerism.

Many thanks in advance for your assistance. We appreciate your willingness to support this new initiative.
Dezarie Mayers
Senior Manager, Corporate Responsibility
Pfizer Inc

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