U.S. Covenant Partnership Application


The names The Fuller Center for Housing and The Fuller Center and the Fuller Center house logo are registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark office and cannot be used for any purpose without the written permission of The Fuller Center for Housing, Inc. This includes corporate name change filings with state government and written and social media publications. Submission of this application should not be considered permission to use The Fuller Center name and logos, nor should mere submission of application be equated with acceptance of application. Approval to join The Fuller Center will be considered official only when applicants receive an official letter of confirmation from the president of The Fuller Center for Housing.

Proposed Name:
Proposed Service Area
Housing Needs of Service Area
FAITH BUILDERS — Prospective Church partnerships:
STUDENT BUILDERS — Prospective High School or College Partners
COLLABORATIVE MISSION PARTNERS — Like-minded civic organizations and nonprofits:

Board members and contact information

Please click here to download an Excel sheet upon which you should enter the names and contact information of your board members and officers. After completing that sheet, email it as an attachment to Stacey Driggers at sdriggers@fullercenter.org. Thank you!

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