Partner directly with specific families through new crowdfunding option

When more than a billion people worldwide live in substandard housing — or, worse, are homeless — solving the problem can seem a bit overwhelming. Perhaps that’s why so many people saw Millard Fuller’s dream of eradicating poverty housing as a bit crazy.

But for the millions of people who have moved out of shacks and into simple, decent homes thanks to Millard Fuller’s vision, they are thankful someone had the audacity to address a problem others may have seen as unsolvable.

Still, there is simply no way to tackle the world’s housing problems in one fell swoop. That’s why The Fuller Center for Housing’s mantra — Building a better world, one house at a time — is no mere slogan. One house at a time is the only way this problem can be addressed.

Of course, it’s really about people more than the structures in which they live. You could just as easily make the mantra “Building a better world, one family at a time.”

Today, The Fuller Center is launching a new crowdfunding section of where you can meet some of the international families who have come to The Fuller Center for help.

We’ve started with five families from the countries of Ghana, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Cameroon and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. For a few thousand dollars each, we can help each of these families have a decent place to live. When our generous supporters pool their money together in this way, one family at a time can have their housing problems solved and their lives transformed very quickly.

So, meet some of our families waiting for your helping hand and consider sharing these efforts with your friends. Our hope is that this will supplement our efforts around the world. As families are fully funded, we will add other families to the campaign.

Please help us make this new crowdfunding effort a success!



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