Operations Manual: Starting a covenant partner

The Partnership Covenant

Partnership Covenant (Word or PDF)

U.S. Covenant Partnership Application (Word, PDF or ONLINE APPLICATION HERE) (contact ryani@fullercenter.org for international application materials)

Review of the Covenant Tithing (Word or PDF)

The Theology of the Hammer / Economics of Jesus (Word or PDF)

Use of Government Funds (Word or PDF)

America’s Unmet Housing Need (Word or PDF)

The Greater Blessing Program Overview (Word or PDF)

Greater Blessing Program Brochure (PDF)

Fuller Center Overview Brochure (PDF)


Starting a Covenant Partnership

Getting Started Flow Chart (PDF)

Getting Started Step by Step (Word


Start Up Phase One

Our Foundational Principles (Word) Updated 8.1.13

The Founding Board (Word or PDF)

Sample Board of Directors Job Description (Word)

Naming Your New Organization (Word or PDF)

Service Area Guidelines (Word or PDF)


Start Up Phase Two

Incorporation Sample Articles of Incorporation (Important! Request from Brenda)

Sample Bylaws (Word or PDF)

Employer’s Identification Number Information (Request from Brenda)

501(c)(3) & other tax exemptions (Request from Brenda)

Collaborative Agreement Review Checklist (Word or PDF)


Organizing a Covenant Partnership

Getting Organized Step by Step (Word)

Committees (Word or PDF)

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