U.S. Operations Manual

Welcome to the Fuller Center US Operations Manual.

With thought and concern about minimizing printing and shipping expenses, we decided to go “green” and provide this electronic version. Please stretch your covenant partner’s resources by only printing the sections that are relevant to your current efforts. This will also allow us to make changes and updates as we learn from your work in the field.

Please contact ryani@fullercenter.org for international application materials

Each of the documents have been reviewed internally through a peer review process, but they have not been reviewed by an attorney. Each document or guide should be reviewed by your local CPA, attorney, building inspector or the appropriate authoritative professional familiar with applicable state and local laws and ordinances. 

Feedback or Suggestions? If you have suggestions or comments about the Operations Manual, please contact Brenda Barton at brenda@fullercenter.org or  Stacey Odom-Driggers at sdriggers@fullercenter.org.  Your feedback and contributions will make this resource even better!

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The Fuller Center Operations Manual


  • A word from Millard Fuller (PDF)
  • Copyright Statement (Word or PDF)
  • Contact Information  (Word)
  • Frequently Asked Questions (Word or PDF)
  • Glossary of Fuller Center Terms & Concepts (Word or PDF)
  • Mission Statement (Word or PDF)

The Partnership Covenant

  • Partnership Covenant (Word or PDF)
  • U.S. Covenant Partnership Application (Word, PDF or ONLINE APPLICATION HERE) (contact ryani@fullercenter.org for international application materials)
  • Review of the Covenant Tithing (Word or PDF)
  • The Theology of the Hammer / Economics of Jesus (Word or PDF)
  • Use of Government Funds (Word or PDF)
  • America’s Unmet Housing Need (Word or PDF)
  • The Greater Blessing Program Overview (Word or PDF)
  • Greater Blessing Program Brochure (PDF)
  • Fuller Center Overview Brochure (PDF)

Starting a Covenant Partnership

  • Getting Started Flow Chart (PDF)

Getting Started Step by Step (Word

Start Up Phase One
  • Our Foundational Principles (Word) Updated 8.1.13
  • The Founding Board (Word or PDF)
  • Sample Board of Directors Job Description (Word)
  • Naming Your New Organization (Word or PDF)
  • Service Area Guidelines (Word or PDF)
Start Up Phase Two
  • Incorporation Sample Articles of Incorporation (Important! Request from Brenda)
  • Sample Bylaws (Word or PDF)
  • Employer’s Identification Number Information (Request from Brenda)
  • 501(c)(3) & other tax exemptions (Request from Brenda)
  • Collaborative Agreement Review Checklist (Word or PDF)

Organizing a Covenant Partnership 

  • Getting Organized Step by Step (Word)
  • Committees (Word or PDF)

1. Family Selection Committee

  • Before You Begin – Know The Fair Housing Laws (PDF)
  • Family Selection and Family Support Committee Manual (Word) updating
  • Greater Blessing Program Application (Word) Updated 10.31.12
  • Sample Greater Blessing Program Sweat Equity Requirement Policy (Word)
  • ReNew Application (Word) Updated 10.31.12
  • New Home Application (Word) Updated 10.31.12
  • Sample Privacy Statement (Word) Updated 9.12.13
  • Sample Denial Letter-Credit (Word) Updated 10.2.13
  • Sample Denial Letter-Need (Word) Updated 10.2.13
  • Sample Partnership Agreement (Word) Updated 9.12.13
  • Sweat Equity Tracking Sheet (Word) Updated 9.10.13
  • Family Selection Household Budget Worksheet (PDF)
  • Obtaining Credit Reports through protectmyministry.com  (Word)
  • Sample Homeowner Credit Report Dispute Letter (Word) Updated 9.27.13
  • Family Approval Tracking Sheet for Inside File Folder (Word) Updated 9.2.13
  • Look up 2013 HUD Median Family Income Limits (Website)

2. Family Partnering Committee

  • Sample Greater Blessing Approval Agreement (Word)
  • Sample Greater Blessing Repayment Schedule (Word)
  • Mortgage Servicing Standards for ReNew and New Homes (Word) Updated 02.08.12
  • Sample Written Mortgage Collection and Delinquency Policy (Word) Updated 02.09.12
  • Resources for Building a Homeowner Education Course

Fuller Center History and Philosophy

  • Mission Statement (Word)
  • Basic Beliefs (Word)
  • Foundational Concepts (Word)
  • Why We Do It (Word)
  • The Theology of the Hammer and The Economics of Jesus (Word)
  • The Fund for Humanity and Partnership Housing (Word)
  • Glossary (Word)

   Becoming A Fuller Center Homeowner

  • The Partnership Agreement (Word)
          Financial Literacy – Budgeting and Saving Skills and Avoiding Predatory Lenders           (Note: The Fuller Center is prohibited by the IRS from offering Credit Counseling)

  • My Occasional Expenses Worksheet (PDF)
  • Personal Spending Plan Worksheet (PDF)
  • Are your Spending Habits Compatible? Quiz (PDF)
  • Paying Bills On Time UGA Cooperative Extension (PDF)
  • Understanding Your Credit Score and Credit Report Federal Reserve (PDF)
  • Don’t Be A Victim of Loan Fraud HUD (PDF)

Shopping for Insurance

  • 10 Things you Should Know About Purchasing Home Insurance-National Association of Insurance Commissioners (PDF)
  • Insuring Fuller Center Homes (Word)
        Home Maintenance

  • Home Maintenance Checklist UGA Cooperative Extension (PDF)
  • Home Safety Checklits UGA Cooperative Extension (PDF)
  • Daily, Weekly & Seasonal Cleaning UGA Cooperative Extension (PDF)
  • Home Maintenance: Preparing for Hot Weather UGA Cooperative Extension (PDF)
  • Home Maintenance: Managing Mold UGA Cooperative Extension (PDF)
  • Home Maintenance: Dealing with Household Clutter UGA Cooperative Extension (PDF)
  • Cleaning Healthy Cleaning Green UGA Cooperative Extension (PDF)
  • Green Cleaning Recipies for a Healthy Home UGA Cooperative Extension (PDF)
  • Don’t Track It In UGA Cooperative Extension (PDF)
  • Help Yourself to a Healthy Home USDA (PDF)

      Mortgage and Closing Documents-Contact Brenda Barton

  • Wills UGA Cooperative Extension (PDF)
  • Living Wills and Health Care Power of Attorney UGA Cooperative Extension (PDF)
  • Financial Power of Attorney (PDF)

3. Resource Development/Public Relations Committee (Word or PDF)

  • Fuller Center Event Poster (PDF) Updated 11.20.13
  • Sample Fundraising Letter (Word or PDF)
  • Fundraising Tool -Housing Assistance Council -County Demographic Map (Website)
  • Employee Payroll Deduction Donation Form (Word) Updated 02.20.12
  • Donor Recognition Cards-Hammer (PDF) Updated 02.20.12
  • Donor Recognition Cards-Round (PDF) Updated 02.20.12
  • Sample Annual Report Brochure FCH Greater Kansas City (PDF) Updated 01.21.13
  • Sample Millard Fuller Legacy Fundraising Brochure (PDF)
  • Planned Giving (Word or PDF)
    • Charitable Gift Fund (PDF)
    • Charitable Gifts of Real Estate (PDF)
    • Charitable Bequest Plan (PDF)
    • Charitable Remainder Unitrust (PDF)
    • Family Endowment Funds (PDF)
    • Farm Commodities (PDF)
    • Gift Plans and Services (PDF)
    • Gift Annuities (PDF)
    • Gifts of Stock (PDF)
    • Life Income Plans (PDF)
    • Your Will (PDF)
4. Church Relations Committee-(pdf)
5. Site Selection Committee (Word or PDF)
  • Property Acquisition Checklist (Word or PDF)

6. Construction Committee

  • Construction Committee Manual (Word) Updated 2.21.12
  • Sample Subcontractor Written Agreement (Word) Updated 2.13.14
  • Sample Worksite Volunteer Safety Checklist (Word) Updated 10.9.13
  • Volunteer Job Assignment Form (Word) Updated 10.9.13
  • Our Three Major Programs
The Greater Blesssing Program (Word)
The ReNew Program (Word) Updated 02.09.12
The New Construction (Word)
  • House Pricing (Word)
  • Keeping FCH Houses Simple and Decent, Bob Able (Word)
  • Work Change Order Agreement (Word)
Sample House Plans
  • Two-bedroom (Word or PDF)
  • Three-bedroom 1092 sq ft / 1 bathroom from FCH Indianapolis (PDF)
  • Four-bedroom
    • Four-Bedroom Modified Crossroads 406 Houseplan Americus (PDF)
  • Sample Structural Insulated Panel (SIPS) Duplex (PDF)
    • SIPS Shop Drawings (PDF)
Building Green

Save A House – Make A Home Initiative

  • Letter To Banks (PDF)
  • Handout (PDF)


7. Finance Committee (Word or PDF)

  • Fiscal Year (Word or PDF)
  • Handling Money (Word or PDF)
  • Sample Master Chart of Accounts (Excel)
  • Sample Check Request Form (Excel)
  • Sample Vehicle Use Log (Excel)
  • Trust and Escrow Accounts (Word) Updated November 6, 2012
  • IRS – 990 Reports (Contact Brenda Barton)
  • Board Conflict of Interest Policy Template (Word)
  • Compensation Policy Template (Word)
  • Document Retention and Distruction Policy Template (Word)
  • Gift Acceptance Policy Template (Word)
  • Public Disclosure of Information Policy Template (Word)
  • Whistleblower Policy Template (Word)
Annual Covenant Partner Activity Reports
  • 2016 Annual Activity Report ( Due July 28, 2016)  (Word)


  • Anti Money Laundering Requirements
  •  2013 Fuller Center Anti-Money Laundering Training for Covenant Partners (PowerPoint) Updated 8.23.13
  • FAQ Anti-Money Laundering Policy (Word)
  • FCH US CP Anti-Money Laundering Policy Statement and Program (Word)
  • AML Customer Identification Form to be used with all applicants (Word) Updated 8.23.13
  • Independent AML Audit Checklist (Word) Updated 8.23.13
  • US Treasury Law-Bank Secrecy Act/Anti-Money Laundering Exam. Manual 2010 Relevant Pages for FCH Covenant Partners 31-105 and 320-328 (PDF) Updated 8.23.13
  • Volunteer Accident Insurance Overview (Word or PDF)
  • Nationwide Volunteer Accident Brochure (PDF)
  • Nationwide Volunteer Accident Application (Word)
  • Nationwide Volunteer Accident Claim Form (PDF)
  • Volunteer Tracking Calendar for Insurance Reporting (Word)
  • Directors and Officers Insurance Overview (Word or PDF)
  • Insuring Fuller Center Houses (Word or PDF)
  • Contractors General Liability Insurance (Word or PDF)
  • Non-Owned and Hired Auto Insurance (Word or PDF)
  • Workers’ Compensation Insurance (Word or PDF)
  • Builders Risk Insurance (Word or PDF)
8. Volunteer Committee Work Teams (Word or PDF)
  • Cover Note – Individual (Word or PDF)
  • Emergency Contact and Medical Information (Word or PDF)
  • Work Team Application (Word or PDF)
  • Release and Waiver of Liability (Word) Updated 4.19.13
  • Guidelines for a Safe Workplace (Word) Updated 7.10.13
  • Accident / Incident Report (Word) Updated 7.9.13
  • Volunteer Conduct Agreement (Word)
  • Volunteer Information and Skills Survey (Word or PDF)
  • Short Term Volunteer Application (Word)
  • Criminal Background Checks Policy Introduction (Word) Updated 7.11.13
  • Criminal Background Checks Consent and Authorization Form (Word) Updated 7.1.13
  • Protect My Ministry Background Check Website ($10 per person) Updated 7.1.13
9. Communications Committee
  • Base press release for former Habitat affiliates (Download Word doc)
  • How to write an effective press release (Word)
  • Writing tips from the Associated Press Stylebook (Word)
  • New Covenant Partner Press Release (Word or PDF)
  • Fuller Center Event Poster (PDF)
  • Sample Mailing List Sign-up Form (PDF)
  • Customizable Greater Blessing brochure (PDF)
  • Logo Guidelines (PDF)
  • PhotoPartner (Word or PDF)
  • Customizable Overview PowerPoint Presentation (PPT) *Updated 2.26.13
  • Sample Press Release Template for “Fuller Living” book (Word)
10. Board Nominating Committee
  • Sample Board of Directors Application-FCH Atlanta (Word) *Updated 2.25.13

11. Board Strategic Development Planning

  • Sample Board Strategic Development Plan For Partnership Building-Atlanta (Word) *Updated 2.25.13

12. Human Resources

  • Sample Executive Director Job Description-Atlanta (Word) *Updated 2.25.13
  • Sample Employee Handbook (Word) *Updated 10.2.13
13. Student Builders 
General Documents
  • Poster (Word or PDF)
  • Student Builders Information (Word or PDF)
  • Student Builders Age Guidelines (Word or PDF)
  • Minor Permission-Consent Form (Word or PDF)
 Student Builders – More about the program
  • Student Builders FAQ’s (Word or PDF)
  • Student Builders Application (Word or PDF)
  • Student Builders Partnership Covenant (Word or PDF)
  • Student Builders Sample Bylaws (Word or PDF)
  • Organizational Structure (Word or PDF)
Student Builders Mission Partners
  • Mission Partner FAQ’s (Word or PDF)
  • Mission Partner Application (Word or PDF)
  • Mission Partner Affirmation (Word or PDF)
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