Operations Manual: Finance and Reporting

Finance & Bookeeping

Finance Committee (Word)

Bookeeping (Word)

Trust & Escrow Accounts (Word)


Financial policies and reports

Finance Committee (Word or PDF)

Fiscal Year (Word or PDF)

Handling Money (Word or PDF)

Sample Master Chart of Accounts (Excel)

Sample Check Request Form (Excel)

Sample Vehicle Use Log (Excel)

Trust and Escrow Accounts (Word) Updated November 6, 2012

Board Conflict of Interest Policy Template (Word)

Compensation Policy Template (Word)

Document Retention and Distruction Policy Template (Word)

Gift Acceptance Policy Template (Word)

Public Disclosure of Information Policy Template (Word)

Whistleblower Policy Template (Word)


Due Dates (Word)

Annual Activity Report 2018 (Word)

IRS-990 Reports (Contact Brenda Barton at brenda@fullercenter.org for info)

State/Local Corporate Filings (Contact Brenda Barton at brenda@fullercenter.org for info)


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