Operations Manual: Family partnering

Becoming A Homeowner

The Partnership Agreement (Word)


Financial Literacy: Budgeting Skills & Avoiding Predatory Lenders
(Note: The Fuller Center for Housing is not a credit counseling agency. The following documents are informational only. Actual counseling, when necessary, should be done by a professional counselor.)

My Occasional Expenses Worksheet (PDF)

Personal Spending Plan Worksheet (PDF)

Are your Spending Habits Compatible? Quiz (PDF)

Paying Bills On Time UGA Cooperative Extension (PDF)

Understanding Your Credit Score (PDF)

Don’t Be A Victim of Loan Fraud HUD (PDF)


Shopping for Insurance

10 Things you Should Know About Purchasing Home Insurance-National Association of Insurance Commissioners (PDF)

Insuring Fuller Center Homes (Word)

University of Georgia Home Maintenance Guidelines

Home Maintenance Checklist (PDF)

Home Safety Checklist  (PDF)

Daily, Weekly & Seasonal Cleaning (PDF)

Home Maintenance: Preparing for Hot Weather (PDF)

Home Maintenance: Managing Mold (PDF)

Home Maintenance: Dealing with Household Clutter (PDF)

Cleaning Healthy Cleaning Green (PDF)

Green Cleaning Recipies for a Healthy Home (PDF)

Don’t Track It In (PDF)

Help Yourself to a Healthy Home USDA (PDF)

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