Operations Manual: Construction


Construction Committee Manual (Word) Updated 2.21.12

Sample Subcontractor Written Agreement (Word) Updated 5-1-19

Sample Worksite Volunteer Safety Checklist (Word) Updated 10.9.13

Volunteer Job Assignment Form (Word) Updated 10.9.13

Our Three Major Programs

The Greater Blesssing Program (Word)

The ReNew Program (Word) Updated 02.09.12

The New Construction (Word)

House Pricing (Word)

Keeping FCH Houses Simple and Decent, Bob Able (Word)

Work Change Order Agreement (Word)

Sample House Plans

Two-bedroom (Word or PDF)

Three-bedroom 1092 sq ft / 1 bathroom from FCH Indianapolis (PDF)


Four-Bedroom Modified Crossroads 406 Houseplan Americus (PDF)

Sample Structural Insulated Panel (SIPS) Duplex (PDF)

SIPS Shop Drawings (PDF)


Building Green

Green Building (Word or PDF)

Lead Paint- EPA’s Renovation, Repair and Painting Program Requirements

A Quick Reference Guide for Green Building (Word or PDF)

Energy Usage Cost-Comparison Guide 2012 (PDF) *new

Southface Institute Green Home Building Resources

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