Covenant Partner Operations

The Partnership Covenant

Covenant Partnership Document (Word)


Board of Directors

Board of Directors basics (Word)


Record Keeping
There are three areas of record keeping that deserve special attention.

Donors (Word)

Volunteers (Coming soon)

Applicant and homeowner files (Coming soon)


Board policies
There are a number of policies that the Internal Revenue Service recommends for nonprofits. Here are templates for those policies:

Board Conflict of Interest Policy Template (Word)

Compensation Policy Template (Word)

Document Retention and Destruction Policy Template (Word)

Gift Acceptance Policy (Word)

Public Disclosure of Information Policy Template (Word)

Whistleblower Policy Template (Word)


Anti-Money Laundering Requirements
Information on federal laws and regulations designed to prevent money laundering that have application to covenant partners that write mortgages.

Anti-Money Laundering FAQs (Word)

Policy Statement and Program Template (Word)

Customer ID Form Template (Word)


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