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Housing Professionals Giving Back to Change the World


Every time a builder, realtor, or lender contributes $5,500 from the sale of a home, a family around the world will have the opportunity to have a healthy, decent home for the first time. 

The sale of one house becomesĀ two homes.

Inspire through Mission


Smart Marketing

A differentiator that builds trust with your customers by showing them you truly care about helping families have a home they love.


Team Building

Attract talent and raise employee loyalty by demonstrating a relevant vision that’s committed to more than your bottom line.

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Meet the Families

All involved “meet” the family through before and after profiles that document the transformation — one they helped make happen.


The average commercially-built new home in the United States costs 70x more than it takes to bring a global partner family out of a shack.

Beyond Charity


Our homeowner families are full partners in the construction process, providing “sweat equity” and paying it forward with a no-profit, no-interest loan.

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And Empowering Global Partners

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Local Initiative

We only go where we're invited, fueling local initiative rather than undercutting it with our own.

Local Suppliers

Materials are sourced nearby, benefiting the local supply chain and supporting jobs.

Local Builders

Local masons and other craftsmen are hired to construct the homes, providing vital jobs in struggling economies.

Featured Partner

"We have greatly appreciated the opportunity to fund new home builds for families around the world; we believe 100% in what the Fuller Center does, and are excited to do more!"
Roger B.
Vibe Construction

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Sponsor a Home or an Entire Community!

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