One busy day! – By Don Steffa


Grace and Peace

It has fallen my task to share with everyone the experience of my one-day, 42-mile bike ride from Princeville, N.C. to Kinston, N.C. Well, it just can’t be done in two short paragraphs! It was just one of those lifetime experiences a person dreams about! If my vintage bike could speak, the response would be, “For the ride, the best that can be said is ‘Oyee!’" Smart bike! The best I can say for everyone is that famous line, “Try it! You will love it!”

Being with the bike team was a joy in and of itself. A great bunch of young people (and I include everyone) to spend riding, talking and sharing the bike ride as part of each person’s faith journey. As the Fuller Center Bike Adventure team, we experienced equally the hospitality of the whole Princeville St. Luke’s Church of Christ Disciples of Christ, Farmville Christian Church and Kinston’s Gordon Street Christian Church. We participated in the exciting ground breaking of two homes to be renovated by the Lenoir County Fuller Center Covenant Partner for two gracious Latino families.

I remain in awe of the whole experience! How great it is to work together as a total team across the whole country and world, sharing the experience of being Christ’s friends in mission. And they all said, “Oyeh!”

Don Steffa

Don has an interest in the Congo–where Millard and Linda Fuller, co-founders of The Fuller Center, and their family were worked to create the first partnership housing model in the 1970s. Even though he joined for only one day, Don set a goal to raise enough money to fund one home in the Congo: $1,500. Click here to help!

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  • Looking forward to seeing the folks on Friday at Hopewell Presbyterian in Huntersville, NC. Godspeed!


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