MONTH IN REVIEW: November 2014

By Chris Johnson,
Director of Communications

November is supposed to be a month for thankfulness and gratitude, and it certainly was that for The Fuller Center. Not only are we thankful for some remarkable work being done in the field by our covenant partners in the U.S. and overseas, but we also continue to be blessed with generous gifts that ensure more and more families will be extended a helping hand.

Among those gifts in November was a $1 million donation by longtime friends and frequent volunteers Doug and Jill Miller. Many thanks to President Jimmy Carter for inviting the Millers and Fuller Center President David Snell and his wife, Sheilla, over to his home in Plains for the presentation.

Doug has worked hard all his life to achieve a great level of success and gladly shares his blessings — however, he insists on sharing it in ways that don’t just help people temporarily but in the long run. He prefers our hand-up approach of partnering with families who are willing to work for a better life moreso than mere handouts that often have the opposite effect that was intended.

To read more about the Millers, their appreciation for hard work and their generous gift, please click here. And to see just some of the other big events from the month of November, see below:

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