A note of gratitude

Anne Troyer
FCBA cyclist

It’s only day five and I am already confused where I am and who I am.

We cycled only 66 miles today, it felt like a breeze compared to the 100 mile ride we did yesterday, but there was something more exhausting then the ride that happened today.

So forgive me for not updating you on my bike, he’s doing well by the way, but there is something else on my mind.

I’m overwhelmed by the wonderful people we meet.  In each place we arrive in, I think there is no way that it can be better than the last place and maybe better isn’t the right word, but each place we stop is so wonderful.   I just feel like I can’t say thanks enough. Which is funny because I normally think that saying thank you over and over again is annoying; but I truly mean it. 

I am amazed how each person/church gives us whatever they can.  They go out of their way to make a group of thirty cyclists comfortable. 

I know that we are supposed to be helping other people but I somehow wonder if they are the ones helping us. Here we are on our “big trip” that we all have spent months planning for, with our bright orange shirts and our mission statement tattooed on our sleeves.  These people take time out of their busy day to prepare strangers a meal and a warm place to sleep.  They go above and beyond and not only provide us with these things but also a taxi service to and from the high school so we can shower without having to walk or bike across town.  We are just passing through these people’s towns, but they are embodying exactly what we are trying to live and represent.

It’s only been five days, and I already have so many stories of sacrifice and I am so humbled at each stop.

They seem so excited to see us doing something in the world.  Which I suppose we are, but these people are changing us too. As we ride we meet people and tell our story but most importantly we hear their story.

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