2014 Board of Directors trip to Nicaragua

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The Pacific Coast fishing village of Las Peñitas, Nicaragua, is a study in contrasts. Smiling children laugh and play during the day and lay their heads to rest in flimsy, unsafe shacks at night. Fishermen and workers struggle mightily to feed and house their families, yet offer you food and even the shirts off their backs. The beauty of the tropical landscape — with volcanoes to the east and crashing waves to the west — is unparalleled. Yet, the ugliness of the housing conditions is all too familiar to those who have seen the Third World off the well-trodden tourist paths.

The Fuller Center was invited into this community to help families have simple, decent homes in which to raise their families — something such joyous, hopeful people truly deserve. You’ll work alongside these wonderful families and change lives forever, including your own. Our communications team will be there for the entire journey, documenting the experience in photos, video and a special written report. The trip will be led by Fuller Center President David Snell and The Fuller Center’s International Board of Directors.

Come see this shining example of how offering a hand-up to families in need works so much better than a handout.

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