Preschool children in Las Peñitas, Nicaragua, see facilities get needed improvements

The Fuller Center for Housing’s work has transformed lives in the Pacific fishing village of Las Peñitas, Nicaragua, through the construction of dozens of simple, decent homes. Thanks to The Fuller Center’s generous donors and many Global Builders volunteers, the local leadership on the ground expects to hit the 100-homes mark in Las Peñitas before this year is over.

That means that The Fuller Center will be wrapping up Phase I of the Las Peñitas project, putting us halfway to completely eradicating shack living in the community.

Many of the Global Builders who have worked in Las Peñitas have fallen in love with the hard-working, friendly people of the community. Among those is Rick White of Maryland.

White is passionate about families having simple, decent homes in which to raise their children. While on a Fuller Center Global Builders trip to Las Peñitas in November with Frederick Church of the Brethren, White visited the Miracle of God Preschool in the area. When he saw the children learning under the shelter without walls, running water or safe electricity, White decided to do something about it.

Now a Control Specialist at Coastal Automation in Texas, White started a fundraising page through The Fuller Center to raise $4,200 to provide the school with walls, water for washing, safe electricity for lights and school supplies. Not only did the gifts quickly flow into the fundraiser, but also the work has been completed.

“I’m excited to see the completion of this phase and to know the children will have class on a regular basis,” White said. “I know the kids might not be thrilled about it, but hopefully they will thank us when they get older.

“I am also humbled to know that I have the type of friends who will support this with time, money and talent,” he added. “To see the involvement of the parents brings it full-circle. I can’t wait to get the next phase going.”

The next phase will be another fundraiser to help the school build a kitchen and a bathroom for the students.

“There are many needs in the communities where we work, and we’re proud to be a catalyst for others to come in to help meet those needs.” — David Snell, Fuller Center president

“The Fuller Center knows how to get houses built, and our success is due in part to the fact that we stay focused on house building,” Fuller Center President David Snell said. “But there are many needs in the communities where we work, and we’re proud to be a catalyst for others to come in to help meet those needs.

“When Rick White and his intrepid band of friends decided to raise money to help finish a schoolhouse in Las Peñitas, we were honored to welcome them into the neighborhood,” Snell added. “Now the school is done and dedicated — looking forward to see what these good folks come up with next!”


Here are some before-and-after photos from the Miracle of God Preschool:

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