Tabernacle, New Jersey

Fuller Center for Housing in the New Jersey Pines

7 Sohn Way

Tabernacle, NJ 08088


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In the spring of 2009, we gathered as a group for the first time to form the Fuller Center for Housing in the New Jersey Pines, the first Fuller Center covenant partner in the state of New Jersey. In one way of another each of us has led or served our churches through mission trips devoted to disaster recovery, building, repairing and restoring homes for those who have suffered losses. So moved by the story and journey of the Fullers and The Fuller Center for Housing, we have joined to continue the purpose of providing decent housing for people in the southern New Jersey area. Now, we are busy helping residents recover from Superstorm Sandy. We recently worked on 21 homes during the 2013 Millard Fuller Legacy Build in Atlantic City and we are now focusing on storm damaged homes in Atlantic and Ocean County.


  • Volunteers to work on our job sites
  • Work on one of our committees
  • Join our Board of Directors
  • Create fundraising campaigns


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