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As the Bike Adventure really heats up (and we mean that literally–hello upper-90’s temps), we want to make sure you know where to find all the latest stories, photos, videos and updates. Check out the links below often to stay up-to-date as the journey progresses.


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And here are two new videos!

On our first day of building in Aurora, Ohio, the bikers helped a lovely single mother named Brenda with her home. She and her two sons were running up an electric bill that she couldn’t afford and she asked around for help.

When she met up with Clete Yoder of the NW Portage County Fuller Center for Housing, he determined that her home was poorly insulated. He’s hoping some renovations (including some window sealing and insulating the team helped with) will drastically reduce her bill. Here she talks about what that will mean for her.

And this short piece stars rider Brett Safran, who explains just how far the team is willing to go to meet our fundraising goal:


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  • Ryan and Friends: I know it must be very hot there on the ride (it’s boiling here in Georgia!), but I want you to know your friends in Americus are thinking of you daily. What you’re doing is so important for all prospective home owners! I’m looking forward to riding into Americus from Andersonville with you on July 24. Take care. Have fun!!


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