Louisiana Fuller Center to open grocery store

Amber Miller

A building that’s been vacant for years will soon reopen its doors. Northwest Louisiana’s Fuller Center for Housing plans to turn what used to be a liquor store into a neighborhood grocery store. Allendale community members tell NBC 6 News the closet grocery store is about 10 miles from their neighborhood. It is a distance that is not always feasible for the elderly in the community.

"If they go on a bus, you know you can’t carry too much food on the bus," said Rosie Chaffold, Allendale resident. "Many times after you’ve bought your 50 dollars worth of groceries you only have 10 extra dollars to pay somebody to take you and bring you back."

Chaffold says there are corner stores in the community. However Chaffold says the food is not always fresh or affordable.

The Fuller Center for Housing hopes to open the grocery store by the end of the year.

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