New for 2021: Prayer calendar with specific daily requests from covenant partners

New for 2021: Prayer calendar with specific requests from covenant partners

As a Christian housing ministry, the power of prayer may be the most important tool The Fuller Center for Housing has in our quest to eradicate poverty housing. We believe this is a God movement, and we will always be faith-based and Christ-centered.

In order for our ministry to be effective, we must have volunteers and financial supporters. But for those who cannot provide us with either of those, we have asked people to at least pray for the success of our work helping families have simple, decent places to live.

In 2021, we are taking that a step further with a new prayer calendar listing specific prayer requests from Fuller Center covenant partners across the United States and around the world. Prayer requests range from local partners in need of tools and volunteers to partners in Africa praying for an end to warfare and famine in their countries.

Jim Barton

During this difficult past year, The Fuller Center has been working behind the scenes to “sharpen the saw.” The Rev. Jim Barton spent much of the year working as Director of Special Initiatives while also transitioning from private sector work to follow his true calling as he prepared to become a priest in the Anglican Church. With that journey complete, he now serves as Rector at St. John’s Anglican Church in Americus, Ga., the same city as The Fuller Center’s international headquarters. One of his main projects for our ministry was developing a free Vacation Bible School program called The Worldwide Mansion. Another was the prayer calendar.

“We feel strongly that prayer is a huge part of who we are and that God answers our prayers,” Barton said. “So, we want to be intentional about lifting one another up in prayer throughout 2021. We want to be praying for one another and inviting God to answer our prayers in big and bold ways in the coming year.”

“The Fuller Center for Housing is a Christian organization,” Fuller Center President David Snell added. “That’s a significant claim to make — we are acting in the name of the Lord. It’s essential, then, that we keep the lines of communication with Him open, and that means we must be fervent and unceasing in our prayers. We see those prayers answered every day in the houses we build and rehabilitate — each one is a prayer in its own right.”

If you would like to see prayer requests from our covenant partners, simply go to and you will see the month’s full calendar with the current day highlighted. Simply click on that day and you will see that day’s specific request. Our partners thank you in advance for lifting them up in prayer.


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