New Faces. Day 1

We’ve been trickling in since yesterday, one at a time or a few in a car together.  We’ve come from all different directions and converged here in Nashville.  Some of us knew each other, but most of us only knew anything about each other from our online profile … a few lines, or even a few paragraphs, isn’t enough to really know much about a couple dozen people you’ve never met before.


We stayed last night together in the Vine Street Christian Church basement, and spent some significant time and energy trying to put names with faces.  If tonight, the second night together, is any indication, the time we spent today getting to know each other, getting oriented to our week & to the Fuller Center, and going on a quick 12 mile ride has been worth it. 


Tonight, this church basement is lively and communal, people who’d never met before yesterday talking with each other like old friends. 


It seems like everyone is excited to start riding down the road tomorrow.  This seems like a group that likes to move, and we’re ready to get moving down the road. 


We’ll see what tomorrow brings, but it should be a good start to a great week of building community, building houses, building up lives, and sharing news about the tremendous work that the Fuller Center is doing in communities around this country and around the world. 

                                                                                          By: Matthew Bolz-Weber

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  • Looks like you’re all off to a good start. Ride strong and have fun.


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