New covenant partner forms in Teller County, Colorado

With a population of about 24,000, Teller County sits in the shadow of Colorado Springs, right in the heart of Colorado.

It also sits in the heart of Fuller Center President David Snell, who is thrilled to see that Teller County is home to The Fuller Center for Housing’s newest covenant partner.

“I’m truly grateful whenever a local group partners with The Fuller Center, but I have a special place in my heart for Teller County, Colorado,” he said. “My wife Sheilla and I were living there when we were first approached about getting involved with Millard’s work. What started out as a six-month lark turned into a lifetime vocation. I can honestly say that this great adventure was born in Teller County, so it’s a blessing to me to have a new covenant partner in that beautiful part of God’s creation.”

Walter Miranda will lead the covenant partner. “It has been a delight working with Walter as we journeyed through the Fuller Center application process,” said Kirk Lyman-Barner, The Fuller Center’s Director of U.S. Field Operations.

Teller County was the site of gold rushes and mining disputes in the 1800s and saw casinos come on the scene in the 1990s. But Miranda said the riches and jackpots are few compared to the many people suffering out of the glitzy Cripple Creek casinos’ flashing lights.

“Some of the people who get left behind need to be given opportunities to help themselves feel better about what they’re doing,” he said. “They’re being left behind on opportunities that everyone else gets.”

Fortunately, Miranda’s searching for an answer led him to discover The Fuller Center for Housing. He appreciates that The Fuller Center has stayed true to Millard Fuller’s principles in helping people afford simple and decent homes.

“I’ve always supported the hand-up style, where we partner together and cooperate with people to support each other,” he said. “I feel like that’s what I’m taking steps to do right now. It’s not about just giving somebody enough to get by for this week. It’s about partnering with them to give them a fighting chance to get ahead.”

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