New covenant partner, first in Idaho

Shoshone News Press

by Nick Rotunno

"Theology of the hammer" is what Millard Fuller called it, a way to spread God’s love by building houses, creating homes, driving nails and shingling rooftops. Minister to those who need it most, he preached, the unfortunate and underprivileged, the downtrodden.

For the Christian Bible says, fittingly, even prophetically, that Jesus of Nazareth was both a savior and a carpenter.

Fuller was a founding patriarch of Habitat for Humanity International, a far-flung nonprofit creating homes for impoverished people the world over. He was also an idealist, a visionary.

Millard Fuller has since passed away, but his homebuilding legacy endures. And now, here in North Idaho, the former Silver Valley Habitat has joined forces with the Fuller Center as an official Covenant Partner.

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