New construction and partnerships

Feb. 28

It’s been a while since our last update from Haiti. Things have moved slowly over the past few months, due to the issues surrounding the tumultuous presidential elections here. We are excited to report that things are back in full swing now though, and this week marks the beginning of construction on a new community project near Leogane in Gressier! This development is being built in partnership with an organization called Grace International, and the site will include 75 houses.

Construction on the very first house began this week, and we look forward to filling the site with Fuller Center homes over the coming months. The families receiving these
homes have been living in a tent camp since the earthquake, and they look forward to getting out of their tents and tarps and into real houses.

Our first work team of 2011 is here this week, all the way
from Akron, Ohio. They have been doing a great job working on the first house for this new development. We appreciate their hard work and good attitudes!

Here are more pictures of the team hard at work:

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