Families in Nepal say “thank you” for recently completed, quake-resistant homes

Another round of earthquake-resistant homes have been dedicated in Nepal, where The Fuller Center for Housing has completed 140 new homes since the devastating quake — bringing the total number of Fuller Center homes in the country to 164. More importantly, these homes stand as examples of how to build safer homes in the mountainous country — building techniques that The Fuller Center’s in-country partner is sharing with other builders so that they may follow the example in their own construction efforts.

“Nepal is a country whose natural beauty has captured the imagination of travelers from around the world, but to millions of people it’s just a place called home,” said Ryan Iafigliola, The Fuller Center’s Vice President for International Programs. “Sadly, though, their homes have too often been inadequate with dirt floors, poorly built walls, and leaking roofs that left families vulnerable to disease and the deadly destructive power of earthquakes, as we saw in 2015. 

“Now, thanks to the work of the Fuller Center in Nepal and partners like the United Church of Christ, over 700 people there now have a home that is simple and decent and built using techniques to resist the next earthquake,” he added.

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Photo gallery of thankful new homeowners in Nepal:

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