Moving ground in Haiti – Billy Ponko

This is the beginning of moving ground to make houses happen. It started with a need for the few upcoming weeks. To move forward we need the tools to move ground and that is literal. Thus a trip to Port-au-Prince was required.

The morning started early with an airport pick-up of a member of The Fuller Center’s International Board of Directors, Tom Dineen (you can watch a video of Tom volunteering in Haiti below). We had a good meeting getting to know each other during the full day in the car. A long trip up the hill for lunch at my favorite Haiti restaurant Epi-dor. The excitement came with the run through MSC, the big hardware store I relate to a Home Depot. It provides a personal sense of harmony–almost of familiarity. There are tall aisles loaded with various materials or tools.


There are limited choices of tools for purchase, which is an added challenge. But, I am going to check with some guys around Leogane to see if they can make some good handles for the broken pick-axes.

The photo to the right is of Sean walking down the street when we went to visit the hospital here. Frank and he each had at least two kids per arm. I followed up the rear with the tiny ones carrying them along when they fall too far behind.

The Fuller Center is ready to send volunteer teams to Haiti. Learn more!

Tom Dineen talks about volunteering in Haiti:

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