The Fuller Center thanks each person who donated in honor of their mother on Mother’s Day!

Think about what your mother provided for you that you may have taken for granted as a child: Did you have a roof over your head that didn’t leak? Were the windows intact in your home? Did the kitchen appliances and plumbing work most of the time?

There are countless children worldwide out there who cannot answer “Yes” to these questions, and the mothers of those children worry every day about their child’s growth and development. That is why, every day, the Fuller Center’s partners all over the world are working to help mothers (and fathers) in need by building and repairing simple, decent housing that enables them to raise their children in a safe and healthy environment.

This Mother’s Day, we would like you to meet Ana Isabel Tarazona Ramos of La Florida, Peru. In this video, you can see the anguish as she tells how she struggled to raise her children before becoming a homeowner with The Fuller Center for Housing. But, more importantly, you can see the joy as she explains how she was empowered to find herself and how her children are now flourishing in the community that will host the Millard Fuller Legacy Build in September.

Of course, there are countless more success stories of mothers such as Ana who have discovered a new life through having a simple, decent place to live after partnering with us — getting a hand up and not a handout in building a brighter future. You can help make these success stories happen.

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