Fuller Center Disaster ReBuilders more than just re-building!

Submitted by: Bart Tucker
Director, Fuller Center Disaster ReBuilders

I hadn’t seen Malcolm (one of our first homeowners in Plaquemines Parish) in a couple of weeks so Alyssa and I stopped by to check on him. First thing I noticed was a great big empty spot where the FEMA trailer used to be! He came to the porch to welcome us but was moving slower than normal. Alyssa wouldn’t let me chat without checking out the animals—new baby ducks, puppies, bunch of kitties, baby wild boar in a pen, standard flock of chickens (numbers seem to be diminished including the four we raised), etc.

So after completing the animal survey, we returned to the house. Malcolm invited us in—he’s now got a sofa and love seat in the living room but apparently not much other furniture yet. His gout is worse although he was pain free at the moment—it comes and goes. However, he’s been diagnosed with diabetes (on pills). So he’s having some numbness and loss of strength in his left leg.

Almost immediately I thought of Dr Bob who had just arrived unexpectedly a couple of hours earlier! So I asked Dr Bob to do what he does so well—a house call.

Well Dr Bob didn’t fix him, but we all know he lifted his spirits. And I’d like to ask all of you to lift Malcolm in prayer.


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