Revisit some of our favorite stories about mothers in our ministry

Carla Ross

Carla is an Army veteran who spends most of her time caring for son K’Hairi, who suffers from sickle-cell anemia. A few years ago, K’Hairi decided his mother needed a better home and took the matter to the big man himself — Santa Claus. Six months later, his Christmas wish for his mother was realized — thanks to Fuller Center volunteers and supporters.

Ana Tarazona Ramos

Ana was living on the streets of Lima, Peru, with her three children before she set off for The Fuller Center community of La Florida in an act of utter desperation. Not only did Ana partner with The Fuller Center to build a simple, decent home, but her children have flourished and she has gone on to hold political offices and be a power players in regional politics.

Quinetta Carter

Quinetta was pregnant with her first child when she and husband Roderick worked alongside volunteers in the Allendale community of Shreveport, La., at the 2015 Millard Fuller Legacy Build. She is proud to raise her son in the neighborhood she grew up and swore never to return. But that was before The Fuller Center transformed the once “hopeless community.

Chris Greco

When Chris’ daughter Jenna came up with the wild idea of jetting off to Peru to build homes with The Fuller Center for Housing, she figured the impulse would fade. But as it became clear Jenna was serious and passionate about this mission to a faraway country, Chris decided that she would feel better if she tagged along. The experience, she says, was “life-changing.”

Melanie Moss

Melanie nearly threw her life away with drugs and alcohol, but she is now raising her daughter in a Fuller Center home in Bossier City, Louisiana. The Emily Build honored the memory of a service-minded teen killed in a car wreck. It also closed the door on Melanie’s troubled past, allowing her to focus on her work as a mom and helping others avoid the same mistakes she made.

Evelyn Martinez-Palacio

Evelyn’s situation in El Salvador had grown so desperate that she entertained the thought of trying to sneak into the United States to earn money to send back to her children. Her tears flowed freely when she learned she could partner to build a Fuller Center home.  “The idea of going to the United States, it’s gone now. We’re doing well here. I never wanted to leave my kids.”

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