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We began our trek across Missouri (properly pronounced Miz-ur-a) yesterday by riding from Kansas City to Carrollton. We were greeted in Carrollton with open arms and a trolley ride!!! But first things first. Our 75ish mile ride was one of my personal best to date. I felt right at home in the rolling hills because it reminded me of Western PA and as a Pittsburgh native, we "love" our hills. When we arrived in Carrollton we were greeted with a celebration and our team leader Allen was given an honorary proclamation of some sort. I was a little unsure of what this would allow us to do, especially since we were at the time fresh out of things to proclaim. That is until the town trolley arrived!!! Then "Oyees" were heard across the land!

Yes, Carrollton rolled out the red carpet for us in the form of a giant green trolley! We were transported to showers and ice cream (thanks to the Chamber of Commerce)! I am not sure if there is anything I enjoy more before having some ice cream than a trolley ride! I guess I should also mention that before that there was a fondue bar and afterwards an amazing homemade dinner. Let’s just say that I, and I think the rest of the group, was really excited about our time in Carrollton! Their generosity was overwhelming and we also left there a little closer to our fund-raising goal!

And as we depart this morning for our next stop we were cheered out of the city by some wonderful citizens. I think that maybe I am a celebrity here in Mizurra??? or better yet the Fuller Center Bike Adventure is taking this state by storm and soon one more family will have a simple decent house to live in!

It is also important to note that our bikes do a lot of "work" on this ride. Mine especially and I have written a little poem about what I imagine my bike, named "Harley", would say to me if she could…
If Bikes Could Talk what would they say?
Slow down, shift up, you’re going the wrong way.
Please clean my chain and miss that bump
Otherwise this ride is going to hurt your rump.
I’m having fun on this downhill
It really gives me quite the thrill
So pedal some more and together we’ll see
How beautiful this country can be!

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  • Loved your comments and glad Carrollton was great fun for all. We loved having the blessing you all provided us in Kansas City. The poem is great and be sure to treat Harley with respect as I’m sure you do. God Bless all.


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