Miracle of St. Paul, St. Peter, and Churchman Avenue

Submitted by:
Chuck Vogt, President
Central Indiana Fuller Center for Housing

The Fuller Center for Housing of Central Indiana is the Epicenter to build 100 homes world wide the week of September 6th, 2010 to honor the Legacy of Millard Fuller (1935-2009), the founder of Habitat for Humanity and The Fuller Center for Housing.
Our goal in Indianapolis is to build 10 new homes and rehab 20 in 5 work days. Our project is located in the Fountain Square area near downtown. Ten old empty and abandoned homes are being torn down on St. Paul Street so we will be rebuilding a neighborhood. We have partnered with SEND (Southeast Neighborhood Development) and the Shepherd Community Center. We are actually working on St. Peter Street, St. Paul Street, and Churchman Avenue. All three are next to each other, so we have said this must be a God directed project and we have named it the "miracle of St. Peter, St. Paul & Churchman Avenue."
Our project begins work on Monday, September 6, 2010 (Labor Day) at 7:00 am and plans are to be complete on Friday, September 10th at 3:00 pm with the home dedications ceremony. We will kick this off with the Miracle Mile Parade, an annual event this year including the new and existing home owners from this area and many of the 250 volunteers expected to build these homes in 5 days. The parade will be followed by Fireworks in Garfield Park.   There will be a Kickoff dinner on Sunday Evening before work begins on Monday. Friday evening, the 10th, there will be a closing banquet. To register to work and be eligible for all of the above, go to our website at fullercenterofindy.org. We are also still seeking monetary donations, which can be donated at the above website.
We have now selected some very deserving and excited folks to occupy these new homes. We use God’s finance plan which doesn’t charge interest on their home loan. Their sweat equity of 250 hours of work on their home or someone else’s home is their down payment. We also fix up neighboring homes with our "blessing box" program. While residents live in their home, we will make repairs and they will pay us back only for the cost of the materials.
This can be a great opportunity for churches big and small to come together on a "mission trip" that you don’t need to leave home for. Become a Covenant Partner! We use this as an opportunity to introduce people to people and people to God.
Your Friend in Christ
Chuck Vogt, President
Fuller Center for Housing of Central Indiana

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