Millard Fuller Legacy Build- Final Day

By Fuller Center President David Snell

I’m back in Americus now. I had to leave Indianapolis a day early—turns out my visa has been approved and I’ll be returning to North Korea next week. This caused me to change my schedule so that I could get some office work done before I leave for another couple of weeks.

The Legacy Build week was outstanding. The folks in Indianapolis put together an outstanding event.  There’s still some work to be done, so we’ll be looking to the Indy volunteers to step forward and help get the houses finished. As with all these projects there’s the need for a little more funding as well, so those with an extra dime or two and a generous heart can help us meet that need.


In all, some 25 Indianapolis families will have a decent, safe and healthy place to live as a result of our efforts last week. The volunteers were faithful and worked long hours to get things as close to finished as possible. The volunteer services were outstanding—great food, efficient transportation and good on-site services. Jane Burgess and her crew get an extra tip of the hat for that. Project director Stu Peterson, board chair Chuck Vogt and construction superintendents Jay Long and Mike Zeller also deserve a pat on the back. There are two many to thank, from donors to FCH of Central Indiana leaders to workweek volunteers. I do want to make special mention of our own Glen and Brenda Barton, who have been involved in all of our builds and know how to get the job done.

We got word mid-week from Trivandrum, India, that they had dedicated their Legacy Build house. We waiting for word from our other covenant partners around the world to see how things turned out for them. Over 100 houses were dedicated worldwide as a part of this year’s event.

We’ve chosen Webster Parish, Louisiana for next year’s Legacy Build. We may throw in a surprise second site as well. For now the hammer has been passed to Charlie Parks and his team to take the project forward. We might hold it a little later in the year this time, given that Louisiana is known to be warmish this time of year.

Before the memories of last week have had a chance to settle in I’m being called to the next assignment. I’ll leave next Wednesday for Beijing where I’ll pick up my visa and plane tickets. I’ll be in Pyongyang on Saturday and stay for about a week. This is an important trip as we will put the final pieces together to being work there in the fall. I won’t be able to post much while I’m on the road but will report when I return. Wish me well.

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