Millard Fuller Legacy Build – Day two

Day two of the Legacy Build, and it was a very good day. We made great progress on our house. We’re still trailing the others, but as I reminded the crew, Jesus said that the last shall be first, so we’re okay. We got our trusses up and most of the decking done. I started the day putting blocking in the kitchen for the cabinets and ended it nailing up on the roof. Our old buddy Mark Bippes is the house captain on one of the rehabs, but his windows aren’t in so he came over to help with the roof decking. We wouldn’t have gotten the job done without him. While we were working on the roof another crew was building the porch and another was putting up the siding. We’re looking pretty good at our house.

I wasn’t as tired today. I’m not sure if that means that I’m getting used to the work or didn’t work as hard as I thought I did. There’s great satisfaction, though, when you end the day knowing that you got something done.


I did have a break or two. We had a Haiti Summit today. Our Haiti Director, Billy Ponko, was in town so we met with some of our board members to talk through the issues. We’ve been working hard to put a good foundation under our work there, securing land and partnerships, finalizing building plans, and identifying partner families. Things are about to break open for us in Haiti and I can see us helping a large number of folks into decent shelter over the next few years.

So things are going well at The Fuller Center for Housing. The work in Indianapolis is on track, our covenant partners around the world are hard at work on 100 houses to be dedicated as we dedicate another 23 here, and Haiti is moving forward. We are a movement!

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