Millard Fuller Legacy Build 2010

Indianapolis was the international host city for the second annual Millard Fuller Legacy Build of 2010 that took place Sept. 6-10. To honor our founder and his vision of a grassroots movement working to end poverty housing, the Fuller Center built seven new homes and renovated 15 homes in Indianapolis during the build week. In addition, Habitat for Humanity of Greater Indianapolis partnered with the Fuller Center of Central Indy to build one new house during the 2010 Millard Fuller Legacy Build in the same area. The week also featured a special event with a book signing by Linda Fuller for the new book about Millard’s life, "Beyond the American Dream" as well as the first screening of a documentary by the same name. Read more about this special event here.

Millard Fuller Legacy Build 2010….Unforgettable week! – Check out all the events…

100 Houses Worldwide

During that same time period, an additional 100 houses were built, renovated or dedicated across the U.S. and around the world.

Learn more about these 100 projects with our covenant partners.


Take a minute to learn more about what was an unforgettable week of people from all over the country working together, helping to uplift our partner families and improve communities, while building a better world, one house at a time. 


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