Meet the 2012 Spring Riders!

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Meet the Riders: Spring 2012

Allen Slabaugh
Bob Brocklehurst
Cameron Duke
Chris Cosby
Christopher Launey                      
Doug Costlow
Ed Speyers
Hailey Dady
Janette Heitz

Jeffrey Blain
John and Ruth Ann Hamilton
Jonas Winn
Kyle McDowell
Maranda Wilkinson
Matthew Bolz-Weber
Mike Eischen
Mike Heitz
Nathan Slabaugh

Meet the 2012 Summer Riders

Rae Moore
Rich & Joyce Adams

Rob Castle
Ryan Iafigliola

Tom Collins          
Tom Tebbe
Tom Weber

Tony Hensdill



Ryan Iafigliola, 26
Founder of the Bicycle Adventure
Americus, GA
Fundraising Goal: $1,000

Almost five years ago, I felt led by God and life circumstances to create the Fuller Center Bike Adventure. It’s been one wild ride ever since. By the end of last year’s ride, I’m now proud to say that I’ve ridden 12,700 miles for poverty housing – enough to circle halfway around the world!

I’m particularly excited for this new offshoot of the Bike Adventure, its Spring Ride. It was an event inspired in an unlikely place: the Congo! (Read the full story here.) Of course, that’s no less likely than to have our entire global housing movement first tested there…which it was. Then again, God does seem to have a way of choosing the unexpected – remember that grand entrance God made…in the animal stable in the little town of Bethlehem?

Our Bike Adventure is always an experiment, but I think this Spring Ride could really be a big hit. A terrific route, short time commitment, and compelling focus. I look forward to meeting each of the new riders and church friends it will bring into our path!

Allen Slabaugh, 24
2012 Trip Leader; 2010 & 2011 Fuller Center Cyclist
Dalton, OH
Fundraising Goal: $1,000 – Where Most Needed
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After having the opportunity to lead last year’s cross country trip I’m very excited about the upcoming Spring Ride as it will provide even more ways for people to join this great ministry.

If your an experienced cyclists or haven’t been on a bike in years, I strongly encourage you to join this ride. It is an opportunity for you to get out there and challenge yourself while being able to help out a great need. Plus, you will have the opportunity to ride the very popular and bike friendly Natchez Trace Parkway, which I’m very excited about!


Bob Brocklehurst, 63
Erie, CO
Fundraising Goal: $750 – Where Most Needed

I believe in what the Fuller Center aspires to. I briefly rode with the 2011 Team when they came through Denver last year. I was VERY impressed with the dedication and caliber of the riders.


Cameron Duke, 22
Mt. Juliet, TN
Fundraising Goal: $750 – Where Most Needed

I’m a bike riding ukulele player always looking for ways to improve the world I live in.



Chris Cosby, 50
Returning 2008, 2009, 2010, & 2011 Fuller Center Cyclist
Birmingham, AL
Fundraising Goal: $750 – Chattahoochee FCH
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I’ve been a part of the FCBA since the first year, having ridden across the country three times (so far). I couldn’t pass up a ride so close to home (Birmingham), and remember the smooth roads of the Natchez Trace from our first ride in 2008. As an Americorps Member, I am serving my year with Habitat in Birmingham as a Construction Crew Leader, so this mission is very near and dear to my heart. I never miss a chance to tell our volunteers about Millard and Linda’s story, and I know this ride is continuing that movement!

As captain safety, I will be the one telling riders to stay single file and to the right of the white line! And I will be stopping for chocolate milk shakes!



Christopher Launey, 22
Houston, TX
Fundraising Goal: $750 – Where Most Needed
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I just recently graduated college this past May and entered the professional world shortly thereafter. Daily, I work with many different and diverse people on teams trying to accomplish an overarching goal. Although I am new to riding, I believe that this adventure will be great; it will allow me to grow and experience new ways to help others. I have been extremely blessed, and I want to show the mercy of a graceful God to others who deserve more. The outdoors are also where I feel the presence of God the most. I see his beautiful creation and it reminds me of how great he is. It really puts life into perspective.


Doug Costlow, 25
Returning 2011 Fuller Center Cyclist
Akron, OH
Fundraising Goal: $1,000 – Where Most Needed

Last year I rode with the Fuller Center Bike Adventure From Seattle to Denver and saw first hand what the people of the Fuller Center are doing to help end poverty housing. I want to join them and continue to serve God by serving those in need of a decent place to live. I also enjoy riding bikes so doing this trip was an easy decision. I look forward to riding the Natchez Trace Parkway and working with the Fuller Center in Mississippi.


Ed Speyers, 62
Franklin, TN
Fundraising Goal: $750 – Peru FCH

I feel God’s pleasure when I ride a bike and would enjoy using my skill as a carpenter on the Spring Ride. I have been riding for about 6 years and purchased a custom bike at the time to eliminate problems. I have taken part in several one week rides, the longest being 720 miles in 7 days. My goal is to use biking to glorify God and truly advance His kingdom.


Hailey Dady, 27
Returning 2011 Fuller Center Cyclist
Americus, GA
Fundraising Goal: $750

I’m oringally from Nebraska but currently traveling around China. When I get back to the States I will be moving from Indiana down to Americus, GA to serve as the Global Builder Coordinator. So really I’m currently homeless and townless but I am very grateful!

Over the last five years I have taken part in many rides across Indiana and across the states raising money and awareness for affordable housing. But last summer I rode from Bloomington, IL to Washington, DC with the FCBA and had an amazing experience. The family I gained and the experience of helping people changed my heart.


Janette Heitz, 60
Lexington, KY
Fundraising goal: $750 – Where Most Needed

Along with my husband, I have ridden bicycles in various parts of the country and world and thought this would be a great way to see another part of the USA and help out an organization. We have led or participated in service projects in over 10 countries (mostly developing countries) and like that the money from this trip will make a difference in someone’s life.

I enjoy traveling, bicycling, decorating, volunteering, and writing a lifestyles blog ( five days a week. We have two children and have been married 39 years.


Mike Heitz, 61
Lexington, KY
Fundraising goal: $750 – Where Most Needed

I have been the leader of service projects around the world and have ridden my bicycle in various parts of the world. This ride gives me the opportunity to combine the two. I can raise money for a worthy organization while enjoying my hobby.

I am a husband, father of two ,and investment banker who enjoys traveling and bicycling.


Jeffrey Blain, 54
Saint Cloud, FL
Fundraising Goal: $3,750 – FCH of Nepal
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Avid cyclist, coach, racer and love of the outdoors. I have always enjoyed cycling in different venues, and this will be all new for me.  It will also be a pleasure to ride with like minded people, this event is a ‘no brainer’ in my case. The fact that the Fuller Center actually provides more than HOPE, to families, it actually provides a fundamental need: SHELTER. So this is a win, win scenario (we all like those!), I will help those in need of a basic necessity and I get to augment my training for the upcoming racing season.


John and Ruth Ann Hamilton, 66 & 66
Springfield, IL
Fundraising Goal: $1,500 – Haiti
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I am a husband, grandfather, father, retired United Methodist minster enjoying, golf, cycling, reading and traveling. Affordable housing is critical to world stability, transformation and peace.

I am a wife, mother, grandmother, and retired teacher. John and I enjoy biking and raising funds for worthy causes so when our friend, Mike Eischen, invited us to join him in this adventure, we jumped at the opportunity. Looking forward to making new friends and working hard!

Jonas Winn, 24
Returning 2011 Fuller Center Cyclist
Moline, IL
Fundraising Goal: $750
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"I only like Batman!"


Kyle McDowell, 25
Returning 2009 & 2011 Fuller Center Cyclist
Columbus, OH
Fundraising Goal: $1,000 – Where Most Needed – U.S. Projects

Hi, I am Kyle. I first joined the Fuller Center back in the summer of 2009 for an epic bike trip from Lake Michigan to the Gulf Coast of Florida. It was a life changing trip to say the least. A big part of that trip’s awesomeness was meeting extraordinary people many of whom I regard as my best friends today. So, in 2011, a few of us decided we would do it again; this time from Washington state to Washington DC. This trip was no less epic and the people no less extraordinary. Once again I made unforgettable memories and forged potent friendships. Alas, with a new job, I cannot do another full summer’s worth of biking, but I could do a spring’s week! And so, here I am!


Maranda Wilkinson, 24
Belvidere, TN
Fundraising Goal: $750 – Alabama – Chattahoochee FCH

I am a 7th grade geography teacher in Winchester, TN, and I also coach the girl’s basketball and soccer teams. I have recently found interest in biking and I love to help people, so this just seemed like a great fit and fun adventure!


Matthew Bolz-Weber, 41
Denver, CO
Fundraising Goal: $750 – Where Most Needed
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I’m a child of God, dad, husband, pastor, aging athlete, and mediocre musician who believes that everyone should have a comfortable and safe place to live.


Mike Eischen, 65
Ellison Bay, WI
Fundraising Goal: $750 – Central Illinois FCH

I am a retired United Methodist pastor after 38 years of ministry in Illinois Great Rivers Conference, Central Illinois. I now live in Wisconsin with my wife Marcia. I enjoyed leading junior and senior high week-long bicycle church camps for 17 years. I have ridden the seven day Habitat 500 mile ride in Minnesota four times, the last in 2009. I love cycling, and though I do not have the stamina I had as a younger person, I will complete most days. I appreciate Christian organizations that engage people in hands on projects to help lower income persons and those who live on the margins of society, and other supportive involvement like bike rides to raise funds.


Nathan Slabaugh, 31
Seattle, WA
Multimedia/Communication Specialist

I grew up in a little farm town in the thumb of Michigan. After a career of high school and college in the keystone state of Pennsylvania, I taught public school for a year in Newport News, Virginia. And then the circus called…or rather, I ran away with it when I ended up being the lead trumpet player with Ringling Bros and Barnum and Bailey circus for 6 years. During that time, I traveled over 100,000 miles, performed for over 2 million people, and developed a love for searching out coffee on a motorcycle. All of those things turned into podcasting as well as roasting/serving coffee in my espresso stand, Circus Coffee. While not performing or serving coffee, I was riding my motorcycle and taking pictures/video all along the way.

Currently, I am "retired" from the circus and am a freelance photopher, videographer, and writer from my home base in Seattle, Washington. I feel extremely grateful for the blessings in my life, and deeply feel the best is yet to come.

Rae Moore, 22
Returning 2011 Fuller Center Cyclist
Athens, OH
Fundraising Goal: $750 – Where Most Needed

Hello all,

My name’s Rae. I was a member of the 2011 cross country ride and am now registering for this shorter one partially because I don’t now if I can go on without knowing when I’ll have my next chance to live that way. I have never been more fulfilled in friendships, personal achievements, and sense of purpose than I was those nine weeks of my life and they’ve ruined me. I can’t wait to meet the new riders, hope to see some familiar ones, and experience that sense of spiritual meaning in every activity of the day again!
I’m setting my goal tentatively at $750, but will be praying to thoroughly surpass that.

To any past riders, thanks for making everything else in the world look miserable to me!

See you in March?
Just say yes.

Rich & Joyce Adams, 59 & 58
Columbus, OH
Fundraising Goal: $5,000 – Democratic Republic of Congo FCH

Joyce – I have been enjoying long distance cycling with my husband and friends for almost 30 years. These rides and tours have been strictly for our pleasure, so I am very excited to join a ride that will help build homes in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and to actually participate in a building project on the ride.

Rich – I  love biking, and home remodeling and maintenance projects so when I first heard of this it seemed like a perfect fit. I love sharing how Christ has changed my life with others and it seems like this trip will provide some opportunities to do that.

Rob Castle, 65
Americus, GA
Fundraising Goal: $1,000 – Americus-Sumter FCH

Resident of Americus. Have supported the Fuller Center in various activities over the past two years and wanted to do the summer ride, but it was too long. Semi-retired from the federal government. Do audits for the Department of Transportation on occasion. Volunteer at Koinonia Farms near Americus. Do financial work and sort and size pecans during the busy season. Am a certified egg candler.

Tom Collins, 37
Little Rock, AR
Fundraising Goal: $750 – India FCH

I am the husband of a wonderful wife and the dad of two phenomenal kids. I love to participate in triathlons and the individual events as well. I have been planning to ride the Natchez Trace for a while and when I came across the Spring ride, the mission resonated with my Christian worldview and my desire to ride the Trace. So, I am in and I’m excited about what the week will hold!

Tom Tebbe, 63
Returning 2010 & 2011 Fuller Center Cyclist
Northbrook, IL
Fundraising Goal: $750 – Where Most Needed

Hi, I have ridden the last two years with the Fuller Center Bike Adventure. I am committed to the mission of the Fuller Center for Housing and have worked in the area of affordable housing for the past 11 years. I enjoy spending time with other individuals who are committed to the same goal. One of the aspects of the previous rides that has been most enjoyable is the comradery, fun, and cooperation that develops with the team.

Tom Weber, 69

Returning 2011 Fuller Center Cyclist
Broomfield, CO
Fundraising Goal: $750
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Husband, father, grandfather, lover of raptors, FCBA cross country bike rider, and geezer athlete. Last year I rode with FCBA from Salt Lake City to Washington, DC and it was a fantastic experience. Getting away from the nightly (negative) news, and meeting the "real" people of this great country was a tremendous learning adventure. I experienced love and caring from everyone I met on the ride.

Tony Hensdill, 22
Nacogdoches, TX
Fundraising Goal: $750 – Where Most Needed
Go to Tony’s personal page!

My name is Tony Hensdill. I am a currently working on a masters of public administration at Stephen F. Austin State University in Nacogdoches, Tx. This experience is really exciting to me because it presents the opportunity to show the love of Christ while participating in a passion of mine. I am thrilled to be able to support the Fuller Center for Housing in this event.

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