Media Man Saddles Up

Burgess Brown
2012 Media Guy

My name is Burgess Brown and I am the media intern for the west coast bicycle adventure. I work along side the amazing Nathan Slabaugh to produce the videos and photos that (hopefully) you have been keeping up with on the facebook page or otherwise. I have had a blast thus far on this journey and I have met some incredible cyclists who happen to also be incredible people. I love the job I am here to do but for the past 3 weeks (I roadtripped across the country in the van from Georgia) I have been eating like a cyclist and living in a van all day. This lifestyle began taking its toll on me mentally and physically and I have become very antsy during the long days on the road watching all these cyclists pushing themselves to their limits everyday. Needless to say when a bicycle opened up and I was given the opportunity to ride I jumped at the chance to escape the van for the day.

Pete has been having knee problems and decided that it would be best for him to rest today and graciously offered me his bike for the day. Conditions couldn’t have been better for my first real ride of the trip- 96 mile day, 5200 ft. of elevation climb, and the highest temperatures of the trip, how could anything go wrong?

Last night Pete and I attempted to fit his bike to my size and he taught me how to use clips. I borrowed clothing and equipment from various riders and looked like a real pro (which is really what its all about). I was up, ready, and hydrated this morning and excited to attempt as many miles as possible throughout the day. Things started off cold, but downhill and I immediately realized that the seat was still too tall for me, fortunately Luke convinced me to pull off and helped me adjust it and that was a tremendous help. The morning was beautiful and I got to cycle through the redwoods for the first time on the trip and I can officially confirm that the van simply doesn’t compare. I was only among the trees for a few minutes but it was an incredible experience and one I won’t soon forget. The first 25 miles were fantastic and I felt great- save a little back pain.

We spent much of today on fairly rough and unpredictable highway with some fast moving semi trucks which made both the uphills and downs move much slower but we did get some great mountain views as we made it to the peaks of our accents throughout the day. I got to experience the rest stops from the other side, which were a welcome sight from a bicycle, and I now understand why these riders eat so much at every stop. Around mile 50 my slight back pain turned into “extreme discomfort” but I made it to mile 66 and the third rest stop. I had to throw in the towel at this point and pat myself on the very sore back.

I had an absolute blast being among the riders today. I have a new appreciation for what they do day in and day out for this cause and, as much as I’d love to be out there with them everyday, I also have a newfound appreciation for the comfy seats of the van where I will continue to document this incredible adventure.


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