Manual: Site Selection Committee

The Site Selection Committee is charged with identifying building or repair/renovation sites, securing those sites with the Board’s approval, and preparing those sites for house building or repair/renovation by assuring that infrastructure, zoning and titling issues are managed. 

Site Selection Plan

The work of the Site Selection Committee will begin with the development, in consultation with the Board, of short and longer term plans, including:

  • New or Renovation? —there are advantages to both; however repair projects tend to have construction surprises that can be costly.  There are arguments for the first project being the building of a new home; it is a good public relations event to spur interest in the young CP and can drive major donations.  However conditions could recommend a repair project (donation of a repairable structure, for example) which could launch a strong focus on the Greater Blessing Program and could complement existing new construction ministries
  • Infill or Subdivision—many communities have vacant lots or lots with derelict houses in existing neighborhoods that offer good sites for Fuller Center homes.  When such locations are not available the best approach may be the development of a multi-home site on open land.  The downside of this approach is the infrastructure cost for streets, water, sewer, lights, power, etc.  If assistance is not available through city grants or other sources the development costs could be prohibitive.
  • Availability of free or low cost sites—escalating land costs are having an increasingly negative impact on building houses that are affordable to the very poor.  The availability of donated or low-cost land will be a major factor in selecting building sites.  The Site Selection Committee should work continually and closely with city and county governments to identify and solicit prime locations.

The site of the first project is especially important as it will be the “premiere” of the organization and, if the Resource Development PR subcommittee has done its work well, should be highly visible.  Accordingly, the site should ideally be located in a reasonably accessible location.

Ongoing Duties

Ongoing duties of the Site Selection Committee include:

  • Assuring clear title to potential sites;
  • Carefully assessing potential site costs including water, sewer, gas, electric and other site development issues;
  • Compliance with zoning regulations and securing necessary waivers;
  • Paying or securing waivers for development fees;
  • Being sensitive to neighborhood concerns and working with the Board and Resource Development and Public Relations committee to work through NIMBY (Not in My Back Yard) issues;
  • Coordinating closely with the Construction Committee to assure that selected sites can be affordably built on.  See Property Acquisition Checklist which follows.

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