Manual: Sample 5-day build blitz timeline


AM Stand Wall (Walls built )

Install Top Plate

Rough in bathtubs

PM Set Roof Trusses

Sheath roof, install felt

Hang windows and exterior doors

Evening Subs: Ductwork, rough electric

Evening Elves: Working on catch up- (optional)



Electrical, Plumbing, HVAC and Building Inspections

Insulate walls

Hang drywall

Begin Installing siding

Begin Shingling roof

Evening Subs: Drywall finishing

Evening Elves: Working on catch up and clean up (optional)



Interior Painting

Continue siding and roofing

Hang interior doors

Evening Elves: Working on painting or clean up (optional)



Begin finish carpentry

Finish siding

Install cabinets–bathrooms

Continue finish carpentry

Install flooring in bathrooms and utility room

Evening subs: Install toilets and bathroom sinks, tub fixtures

Begin electric fixtures

Evening Elves: Working on cleanup and paint touch up – (optional)



Finish installing cabinets and countertops

Touch up painting and caulking

House Captain assign punch list

Final electric and plumbing fixtures–subs

Final Cleanup

Return tools

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