Manual: Public disclosure of information policy


The Fuller Center For Housing recognizes that nonprofit, tax-exempt organizations must make available for public inspection and provide copies of the following information to individuals upon request:

  1. Our Application for Recognition of Exemption (IRS Form 1023) including all attachments and related correspondence;
  2. Our three (3) most recent annual information returns, Form 990, including all schedules and attachments, filed with the IRS.

Copies of Form 990 provided to the public will not include the names and addresses of contributors.  The Organization should request that the preparer of Form 990 provide a “public disclosure copy” of the return with schedules removed for provision to the public.

There are penalties to the Organization for failure to provide these documents upon request.  The Organization shall ensure that all staff members are aware of the need to provide this information upon request and supply the channels through which such requests should pass in order to ensure that all requests are adequately and appropriately responded to.

The Organization may charge a reasonable fee, which does not exceed the IRS rate for copies of $1.00 for the first page and fifteen cents ($.15) for each subsequent page.  The Organization may also charge for the actual cost of postage to mail the copies.

The Organization may choose to avoid the burden of supplying actual paper copies of documents by placing the information on our Internet web page or otherwise making it available on the internet through Guidestar or similar public posting service.  The IRS requires that copies of Form 990 placed on a web site must be in conformity with the format of Form 990. 

The Organization may supply other documents to the public as determined appropriate on a case by case by the Board of Directors of the Organization.

The foregoing represents the current public disclosure of information policy of The Fuller Center For Housing as adopted and approved by its Board of Directors as of the __ day of _____________, 20__.







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