Manual: The Partnership Covenant


Partnership Covenant Between



The Fuller Center for Housing


The Fuller Center for Housing and Partners are an international coalition of like-minded organizations and individuals dedicated to the elimination of poverty housing by various means, including the building and rehabilitation of houses and other shelter for people in need. While a connection with The Fuller Center is of great help to local organizations in terms of name recognition, collaboration and sharing, the real work takes place at the local level, so it is at the local level that decisions must be made, funds raised, volunteers mobilized, families selected and nurtured, and houses built or rehabilitated. These are the tasks of the Covenant Partners. The Fuller Center will assist with information resources, training, publications, prayer support and in other ways, including fund raising, whenever possible. Covenant Partners will also assist with overall fundraising whenever possible. Together we will make decent shelter a matter of conscience and action with people everywhere

This Covenant identifies our common values as expressed in our Mission Statement, Method of Operation and Foundational Principles.


The Fuller Center for Housing, faith driven and Christ centered, promotes collaborative and innovative partnerships with individuals and organizations in an unrelenting quest to provide adequate shelter for all people in need worldwide.


The Fuller Center promotes the development of housing and homeownership by building and rehabilitating modest, adequate homes. The Fuller Center seeks to work with other organizations whose purposes are consistent with those of The Fuller Center for Housing and its Covenant Partners.


  1. The Fuller Center seeks to demonstrate the love and teachings of Jesus Christ to all people. While The Fuller Center is a Christian organization, it invites and welcomes volunteers, donors and others who are actively committed to The Fuller Center’s Mission, Method of Operation and Principles.

  1. The Fuller Center is a people-to-people partnership that brings families and communities in need together with volunteers and resources to build decent, affordable homes. The Fuller Center is committed to the development and uplifting of families and communities, not just the construction and rehabilitation of houses.

  1. The Fuller Center’s Covenant Partners build, renovate and repair simple, decent and affordable houses with people who are living in conditions that are inadequate and who are unable to secure decent housing by conventional means.

  1. The Covenant Partner selects homeowner families according to criteria that do not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, or ethnic background. All homeowners contribute “sweat equity”, meaning that they work hand-in-hand with the Covenant Partner and its volunteers to build or renovate their home.

  1. The Covenant Partner sells houses to selected families on terms they can afford, with no profit or interest charged. House payments are used for the construction or renovation of additional homes.

  1. The Fuller Center is a global partnership. In recognition of and commitment to that global partnership each Covenant Partner is asked to contribute at least 10 percent of its cash contributions to The Fuller Center’s international work. Funds specifically designated by a donor for local work may be excluded from the tithe calculation.

  1. The Fuller Center does not seek and will not accept government funds for the construction of houses. The Fuller Center welcomes partnerships with governments that include accepting funds to help set the stage for construction, provided that doing so does not limit our ability to proclaim our Christian witness, and does not create dependency or undue control on the Covenant Partner. Setting the stage means the donation of land and/or houses for rehabilitation, providing infrastructure for streets, walks and utilities, and assistance with administrative expenses. These limitations do not apply to government funds coming from third parties who have sole discretion over their use.

  1. The Fuller Center supports the Greater Blessing Program, which encourages beneficiaries of lower-cost home repairs or renovations to repay that cost over time on terms they can afford, but without a loan agreement. Gift “payments” are made monthly, providing the beneficiary the opportunity of receiving the greater blessing of giving, not just receiving.


By our signatures below, both parties affirm that we agree to and will abide by the provisions of this Covenant.


I, _______________________________, am authorized by the unanimous vote of the Board of Directors of _________________________________________________ (Covenant Partner) to sign this Covenant on its behalf in accordance with a resolution by that Board accepting the provisions of the Covenant.

____________________________________________ ________________

Signature Date


____________________________________________ ________________

Signature Date

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