Manual: Naming your new organization

The Fuller Center for Housing has a simple process for helping your board select a name for your local organization. This document is intended to help your steering committee answer the first question on the Covenant Partner Application.

First, the name should have the “Fuller Center for Housing” in it so we can continue to develop international name recognition.

The accumulation of positive experiences people have with The Fuller Center will help each local program in the solicitation of volunteers, donors and prospective applicants.When people hear the name “Fuller Center for Housing” we want them to think of and associate the name with our core values: a Christian affordable housing ministry; no-interest loans; simple, decent affordable houses; the Greater Blessing Program for repairs; volunteer labor; self-help through homeowner sweat equity; low administrative overhead; community service and fun.

Secondly, the name should be geographically descriptive of the service area. The service area description should be recognized nationally. Local nicknames are discouraged because while they may be understood locally, the rest of the nation may not recognize the name.

Good examples of current Covenant Partner names:

The Tallahassee Fuller Center for Housing, Inc.

Fuller Center for Housing of Macon


Proposed Name:_______________________________________________________

Proposed Service Area (Your board will be responsible for managing fundraising, construction and family nurturing in this area):




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