Manual: Greater Blessing selection criteria income guidelines

  • Application Selection Criteria:

Partner Families are selected on the following basis:

  1. Homeownership and need
  2. Willingness to partner
  3. Willingness to donate through the Greater Blessing Box Program

Income Guidelines and Requirements:

In order to meet the needs of the low income families; homeowners selected will have no more than 50% of the Average Median Income for the local area. For example, in an area where the average median income is $44,000, a family of one would not have more than $22,000 in income. (Please note the income ranges listed below and on this document are only for an example and do not apply to any specific area.)

 Number in Family, & 50%

  1. $22,000
  2. $25,000
  3. $28,000
  4. $29,700
  5. $33,000
  6. $34,500
  7. $37,000
  8. $40,000

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