Manual: Greater Blessing Application Process

  1. Applicant completes the Greater Blessing Program Application (click here for a specimen form). Applicants should attend an informational meeting to gain an understanding of the program, the scope of what can and cannot be done, and how Greater Blessing repayment works before they make application.

  2. Applicant completes the budget worksheet (click here for Excel sheet).

  3. Upon receiving the completed application, a representative from FCH verifies owner-occupied residency requirement. This can be done on most city and county government property appraiser web sites for little or no fee.

  4. The Construction Committee does a site visit and completes a worksheet (see here) to estimate total costs for board approval.

  5. The Application, Budget and Construction Costs estimates are reviewed by the Family Selection Committee to assure compliance with the provisions of the program.

  6. The application packet with the budget and cost estimates is submitted to the board for acceptance or denial.

If accepted, the Family Selection Committee meets with the applicant to:

  • Review the concept of the Greater Blessing Box program.

  • Sign the Greater Blessing Box Homeowner Agreement and Release Waiver (see here).

  • Review the repairs that are listed on the agreement in detail for clear understanding.

  • Review homeowner’s budget to help establish a re-payment donation plan.

If denied, the application should be notified in writing (see sample letter here).

To avoid legal challenges this entire process must be completed within 30 days of receipt of the initial application.

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