Manual: Planned Giving — Gift plans and services

Helping you make the most of your charitable giving

For donors seeking broader avenues of charitable giving, The Fuller Center recommends Mennonite Foundation, described below. For nearly five decades, Mennonite Foundation has helped individuals to become more faithful stewards of their financial resources. Your gifts to the foundation can be made through a charitable bequest in your will or as a gift made during your lifetime. The foundation can accept gifts of cash, securities, real estate or commodities. While your gifts to the foundation are irrevocable, you do maintain an ability to recommend how those donations should be distributed. Through our regional representatives and a dedicated home office staff, the foundation offers donors a variety of gift plans and services to meet most charitable giving needs.

Charitable bequest plan

As part of your will or revocable living trust, you can designate Mennonite Foundation as a charitable beneficiary. This designation provides a tax deduction for your estate and a convenient means to benefit your recommended charities after your death, such as The Fuller Center. The charitable bequest plan provides donors with a recommendation form on which to designate charitable distributions. It is a form which can be easily updated without incurring the expense associated with changing a will or revocable living trust.

Charitable gift fund

Designed to address the modern tax advantages of charitable giving, this donor-advised fund is structured to make sharing your financial gifts simple. The fund can accommodate a one-time gift, or multiple gifts over a period of years. As with all our gift plans, the power of your donation is magnified by giving appreciated assets. Such a gift avoids the burden of capital gains taxation, leaving more dollars to benefit The Fuller Center or other favorite charity.

Charitable gift annuity and charitable remainder trust

By establishing either of these plans with Mennonite Foundation, your dollars will be invested in a socially responsible way, providing a stream of payments for your lifetime. Upon the death of the plan’s last income beneficiary or annuitant, the remaining assets will be distributed to The Fuller Center and other recommended charities. As with all our gift plans, distribution recommendations can be changed at any point during your lifetime.


If you have questions or would like to talk more about planned giving programs, call Fuller Center headquarters at 229-924-2900.



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