Manhattan … Kansas that is

Olivia Kilian
FCBA Cyclist

From the moment I woke up this morning, I knew it was going to be a great day. We slept in (until 6am), ate pancakes and donuts for breakfast, and had only 43 miles of riding! This was one of our shortest days in the entire trip. We had a few riders join us for the day, so it was nice seeing some new faces on the road. We started with our morning devotion, which never cease to encourage me.

The ride was windy but manageable, and we were in Manhattan before we knew it. We had an entire afternoon of free time so a group of us went into town to see the latest Harry Potter! We have been stopping in such small towns and this was the first one in days to have a movie theatre. Like usual, everyone else either went to a bike shop or took naps. For dinner, Anne’s family came and cooked us a delicious dinner of tacos, watermelon, pasta and dessert. It was so great to meet her family and we are so appreciative that they took the time to meet all of us and support the FCBA.

The rest of the evening consists of preparing for our long and hot day tomorrow. We’re almost done riding through Kansas and before we know it we’ll be done with this trip altogether. But perfect days like these really motivate us to keep pushing through the hard times and appreciate everything we have been given.

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