Make a Difference Day – US covenant partners offer volunteer opportunities

Fuller Center covenant partners all over the United States are taking part in Make a Difference Day happening Saturday, Oct. 23.

Check out what a few of them have planned below and see how you might be  able to get involved. Don’t see a project in your area? Search for and contact your nearest Fuller Center covenant partner to find out how to volunteer with them today!

Tallahassee Fuller Center for Housing
"Make a Difference in Tallahassee"
Tallahassee, Florida – 32312
Click here to volunteer in Tallahassee on Make a Difference Day!

The Tallahassee Fuller Center for Housing is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit housing ministry that helps with crictical home repairs for low-income families that do not have the financial or physical means to do the repairs themselves. On Make a Difference Day, volunteers will make a difference for two families in the Tallahassee area. Skilled and unskilled volunteers will work along side experienced leaders on Oct. 23. Also visit the Tallahassee Fuller Center for Housing Web site for an overview of its work

Fuller Center for Housing of Northwest Louisiana
Shreveport, Louisiana – 71101
Click here to volunteer in Shreveport on Make a Difference Day!

The Fuller Center for Housing of Northwest Louisiana is a faith-driven and Christ-centered 501(c)(3) organization whose mission is to provide adequate housing for families living in poverty. The Fuller Center for Housing of Northwest Louisiana has acquired a two-story building for the purpose of moving its existing office from a home that can be occupied by a low-income family to this building, which will be renovated into office space for the organization and a community grocery store. Volunteers will help with the renovation.

The nearest full-service market for a resident of this community is approximately 7–10 miles away, and since many of the residents do not have adequate transportation, they must rely upon public transportation or the kindness of neighbors for transportation. The opening of an alcohol- and tobacco-free grocery store that will serve the 1,526 residents and others of the area will provide an opportunity for community residents to have an available nutritious food source. The tract population is 1,526 of which 98.89 percent are minorities. Over 69 percent of the tract population is below the poverty line. A lack of access to nutritious foods is a contributor to obesity, and Louisiana’s adult obesity rate ranks eighth-highest in the nation at 28.9 percent. Louisiana has the seventh-highest rate of overweight youth, ages 10-17 at 35 percent. The simple inability to purchase food in low-income neighborhoods is a contributing factor to the health of low-income residences. The Fuller Center engages to lift individuals out of poverty through homeownership, education, and creation of economic opportunities in the community.

**Read about the event in the Shreveport Times.

New Jersey Pines Fuller Center
"Family Promise Day Center Extreme Makeover"
Vineland, New Jersey
Click here to volunteer in Vineland on Make A Difference Day!

Family Promise of Cumberland County in partnership with The Fuller Center of the New Jersey Pines, Tabernacle, N.J. are rehabbing a 120 year-old home to be used as the Day Center for the newly created Family Promise of Cumberland County affiliate. The Day Center will serve as a training center for homeless individuals and families who have been displaced because they’ve fallen on hard times and need a hand up to find suitable work and housing for them and their families. The day will be an opportunity to help two newly formed 501(c)(3) organizations to work together to provide an assist to families in temporary need. Volunteers will take part in carpentry, plumbing, electrical, all building trades, helpers, landscapers, etc. The project is located on a four acre parcel in a residetial area and features a wooded three-acre area where lots of clearing and clean-up are needed. There will be plenty of work for everyone.

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