Grandmother sees prayers answered after years of living in a mud shack in Haiti

Haitian grandmother sees prayers answered after years of living in a mud shack

PIGNON, Haiti — When we first met Madianie last year, she fought through tears as she told us about the struggles of trying to protect her family from the elements and health problems while living in a mud shack.

She shared the shack with her daughter Mavenie, two grandchildren and her daughter-in-law Nouvelie, who is disabled after a bout with typhomalaria. She was particularly distraught when she spoke to our team in Haiti because they had just endured another day and night of rain that had left the family trying to sleep in web beds while being relentlessly attacked by mosquitoes.

Yet, through it all, the 65-year-old food seller retained hope and faith that God had a plan for her family. She prayed that speaking to The Fuller Center about her living situation would be part of that plan.

Indeed, Madiania and her family were selected as homeowner partners with The Fuller Center, and the finishing touches are being put on their new home, thanks to the perseverance of Geral Joseph and his team in Pignon — as well as Fuller Center for Housing supporters like you.

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