Fuller Center Love Stories

Fuller Center Love Stories

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Millard and Linda Fuller

Founders of Habitat for Humanity and The Fuller Center for Housing, this is our ultimate Fuller Center love story.  Married nearly 50 years, Millard and Linda met in Tuscaloosa, Alabama in the 1950’s.  They met by accident over the telephone while Millard was trying to track down another young woman with the same name as his future wife, Linda Caldwell.  This amazing love story is documented in the book "The House That Love Built."

Thad and Leala Harris

Thadeus Harris met his wife Leala at church in Americus, Georgia.  Thad, a paraplegic, was previously living with relatives in a cramped home. There were no affordable or accessible housing options until the local Americus-Sumter Fuller Center offered to help. Thad says getting the Fuller Center home transformed his life and gave him the courage to ask Leala to marry him since he now had his own place! Thad and Leala married while the house was still under construction and the newlyweds just moved in December of 2010 for their first Christmas together.

 Krystal Goodwin and Michael Tiemeyer

This is a truly heartwarming Fuller Center love story. Krystal and Michael met during the 2009 Fuller Center Bike Adventure and they’ve signed up to ride again this year!  They are getting married in May and plan to get on their bikes in June for the 2011 Bike Adventure from Washington State to Washington DC.  They have set a personal fundraising goal to help support The Fuller Center’s mission. Check out their personal fundraising page, make a donation and watch the thermometer rise!

Kimberly Moore and Jimbeau Wilmoth (Florida)

Kimberly and Jimbeau’s wedding is on February 19th, 2011.  Instead of receiving gifts, they’ve asked friends and family to donate to The Fuller Center to help build a house in Haiti.  Thank you Kimberly and Jimbeau! Visit their personal fundraising page and help them make a difference for a family in need.

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