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4102 West Market St
Louisville, KY 40212


Phone: 502-272-1377

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Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin speaking at Louisville Fuller Center’s annual Legacy Breakfast.


Starting with the once-blighted Boston Court, The Fuller Center for Housing of Louisville has transformed the Court and is continuing to make a difference throughout the Shawnee neighborhood on the west end of the city. Louisville is The Fuller Center’s leader in the Save a House/Make a Home initiative, in which banks and investors can relieve themselves of vacant properties they consider “toxic assets” by donating them to us. We then restore the homes to good condition and fill them with families once again, a boost to the families, community and the housing industry itself. Volunteers and donations are still needed to continue the work. To volunteer or learn more about these projects call 502-272-1377. Fuller Center for Housing of Louisville hosted the Millard Fuller Legacy Build 2014. Click here to view photos of the build.


  • Volunteers, donation of tools and building materials. Call 502-272-1377
  • Donations-Checks can be sent to Fuller Center for Housing of Louisville, 4102 West Market St., Louisville, KY 40212. All donations are tax-deductible.


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