Local Heroes

by Nicole Bies

I feel that it is necessary to introduce myself, even though it has only a year since I’ve been a part of this FCBA blogosphere. I’m Nicole. I’m riding the next 3 segments. I arrived late last night and was assigned to write the blog today. Surprise!

Time is a funny thing isn’t it? One minute time is flying by, the next it is as if time is standing still. For the past couple of weeks, time has been moving so quickly as I rushed to finish my summer class assignments for graduate school. In contrast, today was a slow day—a good, productive slow

 day. We had an amazing breakfast that was selflessly provided by our host church a little after 8, and then headed to our work site for the day. We painted and installed new windows throughout the morning. We were served a wonderful lunch outside the house and went back to work inside the home until around 3. We are all enjoying the downtime this afternoon while relaxing at the church. For dinner we are having classic Chicago style pizza deliver from Giordano’s and donated by a fellow 2013 whole-way rider Steve Szafranski!

While working with the Hero Project Lake County Fuller Center today I thought about my heroes. There are too many to mention right now obviously. But my heroes today are our local hosts, Yvette and Ronnel, for reminding us what selfless love looks like and setting an example for us all. Time may be moving slow right now, but soon enough it will move faster again. Honestly though, right now all that matters is that it is good to be back spending all of my time with these new and old friends that instill passion in my soul.


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